Richard Jan Litjens

My Journey

Richard Jan Litjens’ artistic journey is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. From the early days of exploring design to his current role as a respected illustrator and developer, Richard has left an indelible mark on the world of visual storytelling. This article dives into the key milestones that have shaped his career, highlighting his growth as an artist and his ventures into the digital realm.

Discovering the World of Design: A Designer Enthusiast

In the early 2000s, Richard Litjens’ passion for design ignited, leading him to embark on an artistic adventure. With unbridled enthusiasm, he delved into various artistic realms, exploring the vast possibilities of creativity. During this phase, Richard honed his design skills, driven by a desire to bring his imaginative visions to life.

Crafting Captivating Stories: Professional in Graphic Design and Illustration

As Richard’s talent flourished, he transitioned into the professional world of graphic design and illustration. With a keen eye for detail and a vivid imagination, he crafted captivating stories through his artwork. From designing logos for brands to illustrating fantastical worlds, Richard’s work resonated with a growing audience, establishing him as a respected artist in the industry.

Venturing into the Digital Domain: WordPress Developer and UX Expert

Embracing change, Richard delved into the digital realm as a WordPress developer and UX expert. Combining design with functionality, he created seamless user experiences that left visitors spellbound. Immersing himself in user-centric design principles, Richard harnessed technology to elevate the way people interact with digital spaces.

The Birth of RJ Litjens Art Department

In 2022, Richard’s journey took a transformative turn with the inception of the RJ Litjens Art Department. This virtual sanctuary is a creative hub where art, photography, and imagination converge, inspiring a global audience. With unwavering commitment and a passion for pushing artistic boundaries, Richard and his team continue to redefine visual storytelling.


My journey from a design enthusiast to a respected illustrator and developer is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Each step of his artistic evolution has contributed to his status as a prominent figure in the creative world. As the RJ Litjens Art Department continues to inspire and captivate, Richard’s journey is far from over, promising a future of endless possibilities in visual expression.

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