RJ Litjens Creative Methodology: A Journey of Lateral Thinking and Affective Narratives

At the heart of the RJ Litjens Art Department lies a dynamic and innovative creative methodology that fuels the artistic journey. In this article, we delve into the essence of the RJ Litjens creative process, characterized by lateral and symbolic thinking, arts-based approaches, and the power of storytelling and effective narratives. We explore the reasons behind using creative methods and how the Appreciative Inquiry Framework amplifies the transformative power of the artistic process.

Lateral & Metaphorical Thinking: Unleashing Creativity Beyond Boundaries

At the core of the RJ Litjens creative methodology lies lateral thinking – a process that challenges conventional thought patterns and encourages exploring uncharted territories. By employing lateral thinking, artists can break free from traditional constraints, discovering unique and unexpected solutions to creative challenges. Metaphorical thinking serves as a powerful companion to lateral thinking, allowing artists to draw imaginative connections between seemingly unrelated concepts, sparking fresh perspectives and original ideas.

Richard litjens Life Tree

Arts-based, Aesthetic, or “Maker” Approaches: Engaging the Senses and Emotions

The RJ Litjens Art Department celebrates arts-based and aesthetic approaches, harnessing the power of artistic expression to engage both the senses and emotions of the audience. Whether through painting, photography, digital art, or mixed media, these approaches offer a rich and immersive experience. The “maker” mindset underpins the creative process, where experimentation and hands-on exploration lead to transformative outcomes, further fueling the passion for artistic expression.

Richard Litjens Space central

Storytelling/Affective Narratives: A Journey of Connection and Emotion

Storytelling lies at the heart of RJ Litjen’s creative methodology, weaving effective narratives through visual, verbal, and other artistic mediums. Affective narratives evoke emotions, creating a profound connection between the art and its audience. By imbuing artworks with personal experiences, emotions, and universal themes, artists can captivate hearts, inspire contemplation, and forge lasting connections with viewers.

Richard Litjens Samurai Girl

Why Use Creative Methods?

The utilization of creative methods enriches the artistic process in multiple ways:

Encourages Innovation: Creative methods push artists beyond their comfort zones, fostering a spirit of experimentation and innovation that breathes new life into their work.

Stimulates Critical Thinking: Lateral and metaphorical thinking challenge artists to explore diverse perspectives, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Enhances Emotional Impact: Arts-based and affective narratives enable artists to communicate profound messages, evoking powerful emotions and forging meaningful connections with their audience.

Inspires Collaboration: Creative methods promote collaboration among artists, leading to the cross-pollination of ideas and the birth of collective masterpieces.

Appreciative Inquiry Framework: Empowering Positive Transformation

The RJ Litjens Art Department incorporates the Appreciative Inquiry Framework, a positive and strengths-based approach to creativity. By focusing on the best aspects of past achievements and envisioning a positive future, artists are empowered to unleash their full creative potential. This framework fosters a culture of collaboration, mutual respect, and celebration of individual talents, leading to transformative and inspiring artistic expressions.

The RJ Litjens creative methodology is an enriching journey of lateral and symbolic thinking, arts-based approaches, and storytelling/compelling narratives. Embracing the power of creative methods amplifies the transformative impact of art, inspiring innovation, forging connections, and evoking profound emotions in both artists and audiences. Guided by the Appreciative Inquiry Framework, the RJ Litjens Art Department embraces positivity, collaboration, and the celebration of individual creativity, resulting in a vibrant and dynamic artistic landscape that continues to evolve and captivate the world.

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